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Are you cyber ready?

Whether you’re a small- or mid-sized family business, or are part of a larger firm or corporation, today’s savvy cybercriminals are targeting operations like yours. Ignited in large part by hackers taking advantage of vulnerabilities and a remote workforce during the pandemic, this uptick in cyberattacks shows little sign of slowing and experiencing a breach could cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not much more.

With a cyberattack occurring every 39 seconds, and more than 40% of cyberattacks targeting small businesses, the question becomes, how much risk are you willing to accept?

Let’s Get Started – Know Your Risks

Your first step: understand just how secure your organization truly is, and identify solutions that will protect your company, data, and daily operations. Our Cybersecurity review, conducted by Rehmann’s highly trained and experienced risk management team, will help you do this.

Cybersecurity Review

This review is designed to understand your current security infrastructure through an interview with a risk management consultant. During this interview, we’ll explore these areas:

  • Organizational information security policy
  • Credential management
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Remote access security
  • Backup policy
  • Network monitoring
  • Incident response plans
  • Administrator rights definitions
  • Network IPS
  •  Logging
  • Wireless environment

After the Review

You can expect your Rehmann team to deliver a high-level summary with recommendations that will enhance your existing cybersecurity infrastructure. We’ll suggest projects to consider that will strengthen your organization’s security. We’ll also outline what you can expect cost-wise, so you can budget accordingly.

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